Easy Way to Recover Lost Your Data

Easy Way to Recover Lost Your Data

Data can get lost without your knowledge. Once you discover what has happened, you should take quick action to ensure that you recover the lost data and return it to its rightful place. Data recovery programs present an easy way to recover your lost data therefore you have to be ready to download one program to help you. The following are some of the things to be done so as to recover data easily.

1. Check recycle bin

This is one of the first things you should do because that is the place where deleted files stay temporarily. If you change your mind before emptying the recycle bin, you can restore the deleted files easily. However, large files may not go to the recycle bin and thus they are deleted permanently.

2. Stop accessing the drive instantly

If you realize that the file you are looking for is not in the recycle bin, you should not delete or add anything new if you want to get them back. This is because a deleted file is set as overwritten, so if there no new data covering it, then it can be easily recovered.

3. Download a data recovery program

The data recovery program should be downloaded to another computer or a different drive so that you don’t risk overwriting the file that you are looking for. There are many free data recovery programs which include:
• Recuva
• Undelete plus
• PhotoRec
• Mini tool partition recovery
• Wise data recovery and many more

There are some data programs that offer portable versions which you can run directly from the USB without having to install the program but if there isn’t, you should download it.

4. Be specific in your search

If you know the file name, you can use it to search or alternatively you can point the program to the disk where the file was stored or run it from a USB. Some programs offer an option for deep scan which you can use if the files you are looking for are not showing up easily.

5. Save your files on a back drive

Once your lost files starts showing, you should ensure that you save them on an external hard drive so that you do not stand the risk of losing them for the risk of losing them for the second time, apart from that, you should ensure that your computer has a backup system for all the files so that the next time they get lost, it won’t be as hard getting them back.


In most cases, data recovery and you can do it without any help. Once you have lost your files, you should be extra careful when doing anything on the computer and have a backup plan because you can never know if there is a loophole.

Select Top Free Linux Digital Forensics Tools

There are so many computer crimes that do take place today, which is unfortunate and which have caused a lot of hardships for those who are the victims of such computer crimes. Computer forensics is a very vital part of computer science. Companies have developed special tools to help retrieve data to be able to track criminals and to convict them of the crimes that they have committed. Police and other legal departments are very serious about using these types of tools to accomplish this. There are actually some free Linux digital forensic tools that are very valuable to help with this. This article will help you to be able to select top free Linux digital tools.

Linux Digital Forensics Tools

Linux DD is a default inclusion for most Linux products that are out there for distribution on the market today. Some examples of this are Ubuntu and Fedora. This device is amazing in that it can be used for multiple forensic tasks, which include things like being able to forensically wipe a drive, which means to zero out a drive. It also allows you to be able to create a defined image of the drive.

It is important for you to be aware of the fact that Linux DD is considered to be a very powerful digital tool, which can bring a lot of damaging effects if it is not used with caution. Therefore, it is best to implement the recommendation to first experiment with Linux DD in a safe, controlled environment before there is an attempt made to use this tool in the actual world for the purposes that you intend to use it for. It has additional features that are specifically incorporated to help with the completion of digital forensic acquisition duties.

In order to be able to use Linux DD, you will start by simply opening a terminal window. Then you will type dd that will be followed by a set of command parameters. It is imperative to realize that the command parameters are obviously based on the type of function that you wish to perform at that time.

When you are in need of additional information regarding usage for Linux DD, from a terminal window you are able to type man dd, which will then result in the bringing up of a manual that will be able to help you with more information regarding the dd commands.

You will be pleased to have the option to also use DEFT, which is another Linux product. It is a live Linux CD that has bundled together for your absolute convenience and good work efficiency some of the top most sensational free and open source computer tools that are available and that are indeed popular. This will help you with Incident Response, Cyber Intelligence and Computer Forensics situations. There is also the provision of tools that will help with Mobile Forensics, Network Forensics, Data Recovery and Hashing as needed.

Note that when you are in the booting process, you will be addressed with the question that asks you if you desire to load up the live environment or if you wish to install DEFT to the disk. When you load the live environment, then you have access to the usage of shortcuts in relation to the application menu bar in order to be able to launch the tools that you need for the various tasks that you wish to investigate and complete.

Affordable RAID Data Recovery Services

It’s not uncommon for a business organization to connect all of their computers together via the use of on one more servers. These servers are used as a technical liaison for many different purposes. One of the most important is providing a central resource for all of the company’s data to be stored and accessed. Once this data is stored in a centralized source, it’s much easier for users to share information between one another. So, there are many pros and benefits to these centralized networks. While there are numerous advantages, there are some disadvantages too. One of the biggest disadvantages is the data that’s stored can also be loss in one or more quick actions. Some of the more common and notable include hard drive failures, computer viruses, or a natural disaster. Therefore, to be prevent these and other similar problems from occurring without the possibility of recovering the information, the business owner and their representatives must employ the right resources to establish the best data recovery solution.

With this being said, this is one of the main reasons why many companies are hiring Affordable RAID Data Recovery Services to assist them with a reliable recovery procedure. Before the business owner and their representatives make a decision to hire a specific services provider, however, there are few common areas that they should address and they are listed below.

Computer Virus Damages the Server and Destroys all of the Data

Most people do not know how devastating a computer virus can be until they have had an experience that renders their computer’s resources unusable. This problem can occur if someone hacks into a company’s server and installs a virus on their system. The damage that is done is usually based on how quickly the virus can infiltrate the system and how harmful it is. Regardless to the situation, if the company has hired an affordable raid recovery services team of individuals in advance, the virus can be removed quickly and everyone’s computers can be back up and running right away.


Natural Disaster

Another major concern that many business owner’s fear involves natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, and other events that can also completely destroy a company’s computers and networks. However, if the owner does their homework in advance, they can make the essential plans before the inevitable does occur. For instance, the representatives from the RAID data recovery services can develop and deploy a custom RAID data recovery plan that will work best for that specific company. Once this information is complete and has been communicated to the staff, the employees can respond accordingly to ensure all data is recovered using an array recovery level that will fit that company’s needs.

There are many benefits to networking all of a company’s computers together. However, there are some downsides too. One of the most critical is losing all of the company’s data via a natural disaster or other unexpected events. These problems can be taking care of in advance by hiring an Affordable RAID Data Recovery Services Provider.

Find Expert Computer Forensics Investigator

Imagine a scenario in which contradicting counsel illuminates you they’re calling a PC legal sciences examiner as a specialist. Regardless of the possibility that you needn’t bother with a specialist to examine PC information, it can pay to have one in case of a rainy day.

Expert Computer Forensics Investigator

How would you find an accomplished PC scientific examiner? One route is to ask associates who have utilized a PC legal sciences master. You can likewise seek the web, including different master witness postings. In any case, make a point to legitimately research any master you are considering. Above all, check their references.

References can be an awesome asset when researching PC crime scene investigation specialists. While there are respectable specialists, some might misrepresent their accreditation. Some might give chronicled customer records, however none of these customers are willing to acknowledge your call. At the point when requesting a reference list, ensure it is a rundown of individuals willing to accept a call from you. Call the references, and make inquiries, for example, “Would you say you were content with the work item? Would you procure them once more? How did their function affect your case?”

Be careful about cases bragging of years of experience or a “letter set soup” of letters after somebody’s name. A few specialists might overstate their years of experience by incorporating background with PCs and/or PC information recuperation, instead of genuine measurable investigation. Different affirmation courses exist, however there are no principles. Genuine case experience, having things go good and bad in the field, creates layers of time tested mastery. To best comprehend the significance of enlisting a prepared master, consider the parallel you can draw between new lawyers and prepared veterans who have attempted numerous cases. The profundity of genuine case experience can’t be taught in any classroom, as each case is interesting. Ask the master “How long have you effectively taken a shot at PC legal sciences cases? What number of cases have you by and by chipped away at? Have you ever affirmed in court? How has your work affected cases?”

Once in a while there might be a requirement for various examiners from the master organization to help with the recuperation, imaging, and handling of information. Request insights about the quantity of examiners really chipping away at your case. Ask, “What are their capabilities? What is their involvement with genuine PC criminology work? On what number of cases have they worked? Will they be accessible amid examination to talk about whether further investigation will be required? Is the individual doing the examination the person who will be accessible to affirm?” Keep at the top of the priority list that there are no formal necessities set up to be marked as a PC criminology master. That is the reason reference checks and asking the right inquiries are basic to secure your little firm and customers.

PC crime scene investigation is the obtaining, examination and presentation of PC confirmation, and a decent master must be gifted in every one of the three of these territories. For each finding introduced by the master, request the realities to bolster the conclusion. It is substantial for a specialist to express feelings, however to stand up in court, suppositions must be bolstered by actualities. It won’t benefit your case in any way if the master just uses “nerd speak.” Having a specialist who can’t adequately present the truths or convey conclusions in view of reality (both verbally and in composing) might blow expanding gaps for your situation. Specialists with remarkable relational abilities can clarify discoveries in wording comprehended by the vigilant, basic (and not as a matter of course in fact shrewd) eyes of the judge, contradicting counsel, restricting master, and the jury.
Rates can change, and a few specialists might charge a level expense for basic undertakings.

There are some regular PC crime scene investigation undertakings that don’t shift significantly regarding time or work required.

Top Free Popular Computer Forensics Tools

Computer forensics is a vital field of computer science that deals with Internet and computer related crimes. Initially computers were only utilized to generate data but this has now expanded to all gadgets associated with digital data. The main aim of forensics is to conduct crime investigations by applying evidence gathered from digital data to uncover the person(s) behind the specific crime.

Top Free Popular Computer Forensics Tools

For better research and investigation, developers have come up with sophisticated computer forensic tools to smoothen and hasten forensic investigations. Investigation agencies and police departments pick the tools based on several factors including available experts and budget needed for the job.

These tools can be grouped into several categories.

  1. Disk & data capture tools
  2. File viewers
  3. Email analysis tools
  4. Mac OS analysis tools
  5. Network forensics tools
  6. Internet analysis tools
  7. Registry analysis tools
  8. Mobile gadgets analysis tools
  9. File analysis tools
  10. Database forensics tools

Listed below are few popular and important data forensics tools.

Digital Forensics Framework

Digital Forensics Framework is a popular open source platform devoted to computer forensic. It can be utilized by both experts and non-professionals alike without any hitches. It can be employed for “digital chain of custody” to gain access to local and remote devices, forensics of Linux or Windows, recovery of deleted or hidden files, fast search of files/meta data and many other things.

Open Computer Forensics Architecture

Open Computer Forensics Architecture also known as OCFA is another popular open source computer forensics tool built on Linux platform which uses postgreSQL database for data storage. This tool was developed by Holland`s National Police Force for purposes of Automating Computer Forensics. This is a sophisticated tool for computer forensics investigation that works on all Window platforms. It claims to work efficiently and is not resource hungry. Below is a summary of its features.

Disk cloning and imaging

  • Has the ability to read a file system structures within image files
  • Supports almost all file system such as FAT 16 and FAT 32
  • Automatic detection of lost or deleted hard drive partition
  • Bulk hash calculation


Sift or SANS Investigative Forenscis Toolkit is a multipurpose digital forensics tool that comes packed with essential tools employed in computer forensics process. This tool is based on Ubuntu, offered free and contains many open source forensics tools.

Encase Forensic

This tool provides investigators and the police a robust system that gathers digital data, conducts analysis, produces reports and stores them in a court-vetted, forensically-sound format.

Prodiscover basic

This is a basic computer forensics platform that makes it possible for you to analyze, image and report on data gathered from hard disk. Once you have a forensics image, you can easily view the data by checking at the clusters which hold the data. It is possible to search data by utilizing the Search Node based upon the criteria specified.


Volatility is a forensic toolkit for malware analysis and incident response that lets you to harvest digital data from sensitive memory dumps. By utilizing volatility you can easily harvest data on open network processes, running processes and network connections.

Essential Guidelines On Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile device forensics refers to the science of trying to recover digital evidence from smartphone or any mobile device. It is normally carried out under special conditions that do not interfere with investigations by using approved methods. In this guideline, you will acquire a deeper understanding about this fast growing specialty, technologies and procedures used as well as their relationship. Basic procedures discussed include acquisition, validation, preservation, examination, reporting as well as analysis of digital information from mobile devices.

Some Guidelines on Mobile Device Forensics

To begin with, you need to have thorough knowledge about software characteristics of various mobile devices. Know the kind of operating system they use, the messaging system and numerous other applications that can have important information to help in the investigation.

You need to know the memory characteristics of mobile devices. Retrieving information from RAM is quite challenging because information is stored temporarily. But with appropriate technology, this is possible.
You should also be aware of various forensic tools available today e.g commercial and open source. They help to collect information from the internal memory of handsets or SIM cards without altering data.

There are various methods which are used to extract data from mobile devices during forensic investigation. These are discussed here.

  • Firstly, we have what we call manual extraction. This is where information is obtained from a mobile device by manually viewing the contents displayed on LCD or any other display unit. Forensic examiners will manipulate the keyboard, touch screen and button to get precisely the information they want. It is the most commonly used method in most investigations.
  • Secondly, we have logical extraction. In this method, forensic investigators connect the mobile device to their work station through wired or wireless network such as Bluetooth and WiFi. This enables them to access information from the phone and transfer it to their work station.
  • The third method is chip extraction. It involves acquiring data directly from the flash memory of mobile devices. In fact, the flash memory is physically removed from the phone to get the required information.
  • The fourth method is called micro-read. It is one of the most advanced methods used in serious cases especially when there is a national crisis. Physical observation is recorded on NOR or NAND chip by using an electron microscope.

It is advisable to disconnect network so as to prevent any incoming form of communication e.g text, calls e.t.c that may change or alter the state of the information in the mobile device.

Forensic experts also need to ensure that evidence is identified clearly and accounted for appropriately. This can be achieved by taking photographs of peripheral cables, mobile phones, power connectors, removable media and the entire scene.

The way data or evidence is packed matters a lot. Forensic examiners should seal the mobile device in a good container. This should be followed by proper labeling. It should then be taken directly to the laboratory for processing because some mobile devices are very volatile.
After analysis and interpretation, forensic experts prepare a report and then hand it over to the relevant officers.

In conclusion, the above guidelines will help you to undestand what mobile device forensic entails and procedures used.

Choose the Best Data Recovery Software

Choose the best data recovery

Data recovery is very crucial because you want to get back every single type of file you may have lost. There are many data recovery some of which are paid while others are free. Free data recovery program usually works very well and the difference between them and the paid ones is very minimal that you will hardly notice it. The following are some of the things you should look at when you want to choose the best data recovery program. They include;


1. Easy to use

Good quality program is one that is easy to install in the various operating systems. You should be able to do it by yourself without the help of a professional. It should not interfere with any of your existing files and even if it does, it should not alter them in any way.

2. Clear instructions

It should have clear instructions that can be easily followed by the data is recovered. The kind of terms used should be ones that even a person who is not tech-savvy can understand. The recovery options should be visible so that you do not have a hard time in figuring out what the results mean. Basically, it should be user friendly.

3. Types of search offered

Searching for a large volume of lost data can be very hard, especially when the types of search are limited to a particular term. The best Data recovery program is one that is equipped with a variety of searches so that you can be able to find what you are looking for easily. There are some deleted files that can be hidden safely in unknown folders and you should be able to find them.

Data Recovery Software

4. Availability of previews

Once you have recovered your data, you will want to check whether there are any missing or damaged files. The best recovery program should be in a position to give you a breakdown of all that information and if possible, a solution to the damaged files.

5. Availability of customer support

Even if data recovery program is free, you should at least know where you can submit your queries and concerns. This is because there are times when a program can break down or cease to work for some reason or the other, thus you will need to get help from the experts who created them. Data recovery program is updated on a regular so if you do not understand some new feature, you should be able to ask.


Choose the Best Data Recovery Software

Choosing the best data recovery program can confuse you especially if you are presented with a variety of options. Since you can’t use all of them at once, you just have to find the one that works best for you and stick with it.

Amazon vs Newegg for Computers, which is better?

Online computer sales – Choosing better between Amazon and Newegg













For online shoppers, when it comes to buying anything related to computer hardware and software the choice is between Amazon and Newegg. Although there are other shopping options, with many more online retailers dealing in computers, these two companies rule the marketplace as undisputed leaders. Newegg was born to deal exclusively in computers and has carved a special identity for themselves making their name synonymous with online computer sales, whereas Amazon is also a large scale on retailer of computers and related products but it does not have the exclusive identity of dealing in computers only because it deals in almost all kinds of merchandise you see under the sun. But still, the question of choosing the better among the two might crop up now and then and this is really a very difficult question to answer.

Evaluating the experience of shoppers is the only way to judge how good these companies are in meeting the expectations of shoppers and the feedback can be used as pointers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the companies. But, the onus of deciding which is better would surely depend on you.

High points of Newegg

  • Shipping – The logistics support system is robust and user friendly that enables online tracking of shipments by buyers during transit almost till the last minute of its delivery.
  • Lower price – Buyers in some states enjoy lower price as Newegg does not charge sales tax in these states.
  • Return policy – Newegg’s return policy is very user friendly and gives complete peace of mind to customers who enjoy smooth and hassle free goods return services. Waiver of restocking fee and shipping fee in some cases makes the process more attractive.
  • Shipping charges – Most of the items are shipped free, thus lowering the overall price.
  • Computers only – Being exclusive dealers for computers they offer detailed reviews and specifications that make buying decision easy.

High points of Amazon

  • Firm price – The price of Amazon products are kept firm for 30 days that gives buyers more elbow room to decide and they are assured of the same price no matter even if shipping is slightly delayed.
  • New or used – Amazon allows you to select new or used products according to your preference thereby widening your options of matching your budget.
  • Saving options – For buyers of assorted items who are interested in computers too, Amazon offers overall great deals that effectively results in good savings for buyers even though there might not be special prices for computers alone.
  • Packing – The quality of packing is much superior and safe delivery is assured for most items.
  • Shipping – Shipping is very fast and you receive the ordered items in a very short time.

Although the high points have been mentioned, there are some lows too for each company which is only obvious. But those are minor aberration which happens only to prove the rule, hence not considered here. Both the companies have loyal customers and you should decide on whom you would like to repose your faith as a buyer for computers after judging the experience of other buyers.

Why tablet PC’s are so popular

Four reasons why tablet PCs are so popular

The popularity of tablet PCs is on the rise. But it was not as much welcome when it was launched a few years ago. Tablet PCs are placed between laptops and PCs and can be best described as a hybrid of the notebook and the PC. As it happens with any new launch, the number of skeptics was more than the adventurous few who dared to take a plunge to test the new product that spoke volumes about convenience, comfort and efficiency. How long would it last was the question doing the rounds then, but now tablet PCs have proved its worth and have become strong contender for a permanent place along with smartphones, laptops and PCs. Tablet PCs have the power of satisfying the needs of all kinds of computer users as it comes with a host of advantages that encourages others to opt for it.


Laptops and notebooks are no doubt portable but tablet PCs are placed a notch above as it is lighter than its compatriots.  Tablet PCs can be handled single handedly, both literally and figuratively and this makes it outscores laptops and notebooks on this count. Its size is just too convenient to carry it like a bigger mobile phone and can be tucked in the pocket of your coat or jacket giving you the convenience of carrying a computer with you always even when you are away from work. Students especially have to carry much lesser load as all their exercise books are now replaced by a single tablet. The enormous flexibility of the gadget makes it a great choice for business users as presentations can be made on the go.

Ease of handling

The size and dimensions of tablet PCs is just right for being held in one hand as you can enjoy sharing the screen with others or read something more conveniently with the screen size facilitating better viewing of texts and images. Its light weight makes it attractive for keeping it with you as a constant companion and the rotating screens of some models makes it stand out from the rest when it comes to screen sharing.


Carrying a tablet PC will give you as much confidence as you would get from using your PC. Almost everything that you can do on your PC can be replicated in the tablet version thus giving you the satisfaction of wholesome computing experience while you are on the move. You can now make presentations, take notes and record conversations while you are moving around and become more smart and effective in business communication that speeds up the process of decision making.

Assured satisfaction

Even when you are relaxing and enjoying movies, music or games you are sure of getting a much more satisfying experience that your smartphone with this elegant device that has the power to make things happen in your favor in the manner you want it to happen. You are guaranteed of much better user experience with this little device that is packed with enormous potential.